Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm really tired of my mom's irresponsibility.

          She needs to grow the fuck and start acting responsible again. When she isn't drinking, she'll fucking lie or do whatever she can to get pills. She was overdosing so badly on Lyrica that she was having medical problems that caused me to fear that she might have cancer so I let her borrow a bunch of money (like around $160) just so she could take some tests. Actually, let me take that back. She stole some of my money to take some tests without even asking to borrow first. She has stolen a lot of my money in the past for booze and drugs. My dad had to buy a $100 safe because she broke some $20 one he once bought. Kind mother I have, huh? Oh how I miss the days prior to her doing things like this. Alcohol and drugs are destroying her and there's barely anything I can do about it.


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