Thursday, August 25, 2011

I don't think this blog will ever go anywhere, but who knows.

          Much of the time I think about typing up an entry about something really interesting, I feel it's too personal to put on here. Considering how I have a history of admitting stuff I shouldn't on forums, it's somewhat surprising. Perhaps the fact I have actual rl friends now is a major factor. Back in 2009 for example, if I posted something embarrassing online, there's no way in hell someone I know irl could find it. That's different now, but I just feel a lot of certain types of journals I would consider making to be too personal to just post on the web for everyone to see.

          Admittedly, I've been more depressed in recent months and have been going through a lot of mental bullshit. I've been trying to figure out more aspects of myself and how to make myself happier as a person. Some of what goes on in my head is a bit pathetic and those aspects are probably the main reason I use my blog less. If I write an entry regarding stuff that goes through my head, I don't want to censor it just to make myself not sound as bad. At the same time, I don't want to sound extremely pathetic. As a solution, I just rarely write blog entries. Maybe I should start making private journal entries and only show specific entries to very few people. Somewhat did that to one entry I never finished.



  1. It's funny you updated the day I checked up on this

  2. @Majid Ali: Uh...

    @Poprocks: That is bizarre.