Sunday, January 1, 2012

My top ten most listened to artists in 2011 for overall song plays.

1. Rammstein (881 plays)
2. Judas Priest (859 plays)
3. Lady Gaga (690 plays)
4. Candlemass (540 plays)
5. Black Sabbath (446 plays)
6. The Black Ghosts (401 plays)
7. King Crimson (382 plays)
8. Gorillaz (334 plays)
9. Pink Floyd (321 plays)
10. Queen (305 plays)

I did this last year so I thought I'd do it again. Just looking at this list compared to last year, I've been listening to more modern artists this year and my music has been a lot more electronic. I'm a bit embarrassed to have so many Lady Gaga plays, but oh well. >_> Only albums I've listened to that came out last year are Lady Gaga's Born This Way (21 album plays) and The Black Ghosts' When Animals Stare (24 album plays). While I enjoyed both albums a lot, neither albums were amazing by any means but they're fun to listen to. Not sure what is my favorite artist I discovered this year, but Candlemass's debut album is amazing, most of Rammstein's discography is really strong, and Judas Priest made some pretty awesome albums.

One thing I find kind of funny is that 11th place goes to Naofumi Hataya (298 plays) and 12th goes to Masafumi Ogata (254 plays) all because of Sonic CD's soundtrack. The album is less than 80 minutes long yet it has 42 songs mostly by those 2 specific artists. Even though I've only listened to that album 15 times, I would have 552 plays for those artists if I combined both of their plays. For comparison, I have a total of 596 plays for Reverend Bizarre and if you were to count all the times I listened to an album by that artist, I would have 77 albums plays. Kind of funny how much overall song plays can poorly represent how much I listen to an artist, especially since all of the albums by Reverend Bizarre are over an hour long.