Friday, November 26, 2010

My first Black Friday...was a mixed experience.

          On the night before Black Friday, my dad and I went to Walmart to buy a few things and noticed some of the great Black Friday sales. While there, I noticed the God of War Collection was only $10 and my dad noticed they were selling 500GB external hard-drives for $40. My computer seriously needs to be entirely reformatted because it has become an unstable piece of shit that blue-screens all the time but neither my dad or I own an external hard-drive so that makes the situation difficult. Since my dad really, really wants one and I only need one for while I'm reformatting my computer, we decided he was going to get one but have me use it until my computer was all fixed up. Once I got home from Walmart, I looked up some Black Friday stuff online and found out Best Buy was going to sell a 2TB external hard drive for $90. Foolishly, I convinced my dad to go to Best Buy at 5AM and holy fucking shit! I knew there was going to be a line but omfg... I was standing out in the freezing cold for 45+ minutes totally regretting my decision of having my dad drive me to another town just to go to Best Buy. Once my dad and I was finished standing in the line (he was in the car for most of the time I was in line because he was sick), the first person who was in line just got out of the store with a fuckload of items. o_O Once my dad and I finally got inside, it turned out only two external hard-drives were on sale: a 1TB portable one and a 2TB non-portable external hard-drive. Considering how my dad wanted a completely portable one, the ones at Walmart were $40 for 500GB portable hard-drives, and the line was a long, slow moving line, we left the store completely empty handed and I felt like a total fuck-up. >_<

          After leaving Best Buy, him and I went straight to the nearest Walmart and got two external hard-drives. Since he has been bugging me forever to get an external hard-drive and knew I was never getting one, he said one of the external hard-drives was a gift. :D Unlike Best Buy, Walmart has a fuckload of checkouts, they were open 24 hours, and there were absolutely no lines to get in the store. While at this specific Walmart, they were out of GoW Collection game copies. :( I had my dad drive to see if Costco was open for Black Friday so I could at least get Donkey Kong Country Returns for $44 but they weren't open yet. I was originally going to get it the other day, but decided against it because I wasn't sure if the buy two games, get one free sales took place yet but later found out I was too late. On the way back to my town, I was totally upset at myself for both not getting DKCR that one day and for wasting my time at Best Buy because it caused me to miss out on the GoW Collection for $10. Since my dad planned on leaving for a week and I have a personal policy of not buying something pricey unless it's the best possible deal I can get in a situation, there was no way I could force myself to pay the full $50 on DKCR at a normal store. After tugging at my dad's sympathy chords, I somehow convinced him to pay for $6 of DKCR and I paid the rest. ^_^ My dad was really generous this morning and I'M NEVER, EVER GOING TO BEST BUY ON BLACK FRIDAY AGAIN! However, I'm definitely going to check out Walmart every Thanksgiving night to see what are their deals for future Black Fridays. Btw, I've busier than usual lately so that's why there has been a lack of blog entries. Expect another one soon about my town's flawed public transportation and I plan to make some huge changes for my public bathrooms blog entry since there's so much I absolutely fucking hate about those places. Also, guests are allowed to make comments so feel free to make some if you lack an account. Even though I got quite a bit of responses through IMs and the Insomniac Flames Chat, comments encourage me to make entries more often. ;)


Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Fall 2010 semester has been a mixed bag.

Mondays and Wednesdays:
Intro to Physical Anthropology (9:30 - 10:50 AM)

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
First Half of Western Civilizations (9:30 - 10:50 AM)
Nutrition Science (11:00 - 12:20 PM)
Intro to International Relations (12:45 - 2:05 PM)

          This was my original schedule for my 17 weeks, Fall semester. Yes, 17 weeks. My college sadly doesn't do a quarter system. While three of these were classes I needed to take, Nutrition Science was a elective because I wanted a class to fill the spot between Western Civilizations and International Relations. Since it was a nutrition class, I assumed it was easy. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. 12 tests in the semester plus whenever I did college homework, this unimportant class took up half of my time. @_@ The class was a nightmare but yet I was dumb enough to stick with it for almost half of the semester. Because of this one class, it was hurting me badly in all my other classes. To make matters worse, I was doing badly on the tests. Sticking with the class for so long was a horrible move on my part. >_<

          My Physical Anthropology class is very interesting mostly because the teacher is really funny. However, it's a difficult class. For the first test, the average grade students got was a 42/100. I got a 51%. :( When I arrived to class on the day, he announced how horribly we all did with "WTF?" written in big letters on the whiteboard and was ticked at our poor performance even though the first test is supposed to be the hardest in the entire course. >_> He ended up give us a redo test and I got a 90% on it. :D It was a far easier test though. On the second test, I sadly got a 64% but the class average was 61%. <_< Currently, I have about a 78% in the class but I plan to do some zoo assignment that could bump up my grade much as 5%. It'll cost me a lot in gas though. :/ FYI, there's three tests which make up 75% of my grades and five quizzes which make up the other 25%.

          My Western Civilizations class is the most boring class I have ever taken in my life. The teacher's power points are terrible because it's usually just pictures and there's rarely any bullets of information. Now, this would be okay if he gave interesting lectures but it's the complete opposite. My teacher sounds more like a machine than a human to where his voice's monotonous voice makes Ben Stein sound like Barack Obama. He also does nearly every lecture in a dark room. >_< There was one day where the teacher couldn't get some video to work that was about Christianity and a student joked, "Maybe this is a sign that God doesn't want us to watch the video." The teacher thought about delaying the video to another day but was thinking against that idea because of a lack of time in the semester. Then I said, "You could always just skip a chapter" and he replied, "You guys are horrible." Since the video didn't work, he decided to just talk about the history of Christianity and oh my fucking god he was boring. I tried really hard to stay awake but after like twenty minutes of lectures, I could barely focus anymore. While he was talking, he often said things that had nothing to do with Christianity like when he talked about Amish suspenders. Yes folks, he talked about Amish suspenders. At one point, he talked about how some of the Amish feel wearing two suspenders was too prideful so some of them only wore one while more extreme Amish felt wearing any suspenders at all was too prideful. Shortly after he told us these useless facts that weren't helpful at all for his future tests, the person sitting behind me started snoring and I burst into laughter. >_> I'm usually extremely nice to teachers but holy shit, when he says things like "now don't get too excited" three times in a lecture about uninteresting things, I think he gets pleasure out of boring students. One fact I found out from a previous teacher I've had is that my Western Civilizations teacher uses his position at the college as a cash cow. He's probably the highest paid teacher at the school because he teaches so many classes and is in so many positions but yet he sucks at making learning an interesting process. Worst of all, he's the only teacher on campus who teaches that class. Sucks... :/

          My Intro to International Relations class is awesome. The teacher gives excellent lectures, she has all of the power points online in printable form for note taking, a lot of the students have very interesting opinions about a lot of political issues, and it's just a really great class. The teacher has a great sense of humor and while she does like teaching students (especially me >_>), she doesn't do it in a mean way and some of the students do it to her which she's totally okay with. There was one day I was at her office and she was looking up to see if there was any way I could get government healthcare after I turned 21. At one point, she found results for blind people and said "Now if we can just make you blind, you can get free healthcare!" After she said that, I reached for a couple of pencils from my binder as a joke. <_< Easily one of my favorite teachers from any college semester.


I hate public bathrooms so much.

          I swear, the people who design public bathrooms are either perverts, gay, or a combination of both. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO DESIGN A STALL WHERE THERE ISN'T A HUGE FUCKING GAP ON THE SIDES OF THE DOORS? It's really fucking frustrating because I'm a privacy freak and don't want others to see between the cracks of the stalls I use. >_< NO-ONE BUT I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE MY BUTT WHEN I TAKE A PISS! Also, let's talk about paper towel dispensers.

          These are awesome. You can get a lot of paper towels really fast, they're well built, and just an overall nice product. My college campus used to have these in nearly every men's room which was awesome until...

          The college replaced most of them with these fucking things. They're an absolute pain in the ass. If one of them was just filled with a new paper towel roll, it takes forever to get a decent amount of paper towels to dry my hands. They're absolutely horrid. I've come to the conclusion the college installed these to reduce paper towel consumption but tries to hide that fact with its sleeker, but far less effective design.

*pretend an image is here*

          Unfortunately, I can't find any images of this specific type but it's designed where there's a shitty lever and a button. After pulling the lever twice, a very little amount of paper towels come out. To get more, you need to press the button again. I fucking hate these things but at least some of the ones at my college have the button permanently jammed in. Whoever did that to these awful dispensers is awesome. ^_^ They also look tacky but I commend the designers for at least making it obvious that their purpose is to make students use less paper towels. For the one I showed in the second image, I originally thought those seemed a lot nicer than the older ones until I realized they fucking suck. With this one however, you immediately know they're fucking horrible and aren't deceived into thinking you're about to get a good hand drying experience.

          As for my final bitching about public bathrooms, I'm just going to say this: PRIORITIZE YOUR BOWELS OVER YOUR FUCKING CELLPHONE CALLS! Every single fucking time someone is taking a shit but gets a cellphone call, they always answer their phone. Why? If I get a phone call or text message when I use a public bathroom, I always finish my business (usually without rushing) and wash my hands before I handle my phone. Doing otherwise would be fucking disgusting. If it's an extremely important call, maybe, just maybe I can understand but for just casual chat? Ugh. Admittedly, there was one funny day where either some guy's girlfriend or mom called him for the sole purpose of doing a bunch of complaining. After his phone called ended, he said "Nag, nag, nag. Bitch, bitch, bitch." and then proceeded to wipe his ass. >_> Oh god. I just remembered there was one day when my dad once quickly wiped his ass and ran to the phone just because the phone was ringing and he was expecting an important call. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE CLEANED IT? Ewww... Brb, gotta clean my phone. @_@


MSNBC Lifestyles fucking sucks.

Every time I sign onto to WLM, I get an annoying pop-up for news from today. Most of it is unimportant or dumb but some of it is amusing. Occasionally, I'll look at an article from MSNBC Lifestyles for whatever reason. (Usually boredom.) After reading some entry, I came across 24 Rules for Dating Like a Gentleman. Worst MSNBC Lifestyle article ever and I'll evaluate each entry so I can explain why.

1. A gentleman is never unintentionally rude.
2. A gentleman always dresses appropriately.
3. A gentleman never bribes a maƮtre d'.
4. A gentleman never has more than one cocktail before dinner.

These four are understandable.

5. A gentleman never takes more than one minute to decide on his meal.

Eh. Some menus have a lot of options. Taking 10-15 minutes is a bit extreme, but only having 1 fucking minute to decide a meal? Bullshit.

6. A gentleman never talks about golf with women present.

What if a woman is into golf? >_>

7. A gentleman does not remove his shoes under the table or play footsie.
8. A gentleman does not table-hop
9. A gentleman does not frequent any restaurant so loud that he cannot hold a conversation with the person across from him.
10. A gentleman never drinks beer from a bottle at a restaurant.

Fair enough, but how many guys table hop? <_<

11. A gentleman does not use sugar substitutes.

wat. This is when the entire article starts to get really fucking stupid. I mean seriously, how is this rude? Does doing this make a person look so cheap that it makes a date uncomfortable to the point where she's worried about ordering something too expensive? This just doesn't make any sense.

12. A gentleman always gets up from his chair when a woman gets up from hers or approaches the table.

Yeah, that's pretty gentleman like.

13. A gentleman does not drink water with a lime or lemon slice in it.

A lot of restaurant serve water with a lemon slice in it. HOW IS DRINKING WHAT'S BEING SERVED TO YOU CONSIDERED RUDE? If anything, some smartass could make an argument that taking a lemon slice out is saying "fuck you" to the person who just served you for not serving the water in their preference.

14. A gentleman never has his cell phone on the table.
15. A gentleman never discusses the price of a meal or wine.

Yeah, these are very reasonable suggestions that should be common sense.

16. A gentleman never overtips.

I can understand a girl being annoyed if her date tipped some hot waitress a fuckload of money but um, a lot of these employees are way underpaid or get tipped horribly. Under tipping is far, far worse. Back when I was in fifth grade, my math teacher taught us how to tip properly and told us a story where some waitress did a really great job servicing her customers but yet a group of people only gave her a dollar for the tip. This caused my teacher put some of his money on that table without the waitress knowing so she would think her customers tipped fairly. NOW THAT'S A FUCKING GENTLEMAN!

17. A gentleman always orders after his guests do.

Never thought about it before, but it makes sense.

18. A gentleman never orders salad as a main course.

WHAT? ORDERING A SALAD IS FUCKING RUDE? The subtext says "Where's the Beef?" implying that a person should be ordering something fattening or else they're being rude. My only conclusion as to why this would make sense is the fact a lot of guys go out to dinner with women in an effort to get laid. If someone ate a really filling meal, why would anyone want to fuck soon after eating? Ideally, a true gentleman wouldn't even intend on having his dinner be a way into a girl's pants so I guess there's an expectation he should eat something that would make him not want to fuck? I don't know. I just can't figure out why eating a salad could be considered rude.

19. A gentleman never applauds when the chef comes out.

WHO APPLAUDS WHEN A CHEF COMES OUT? WHO??? This is the most useless suggestion ever. The only circumstance I could imagine that would make anyone want to applaud a chef is if he did a trick which would then call for applause. I can't believe whoever wrote this probably makes more money in a year than my parents' combined income from the last five years. ._.

20. A gentleman takes his mother out to dinner at least four times a year.

Four times a year? That's an average of once every three months. What if the mom lived far away, it's near the end of the year, and someone hasn't filled their four paid dinners a year quota? Is some person going to pay for a flight so his mother can come down for a paid dinner just so this guy maintains his "gentleman" title? I know this question is fucking stupid but this article is even dumber.

21. A gentleman lets his father take him out to dinner four times a year.

WHAT IF SOMEONE'S PARENTS AREN'T DIVORCED? Is this going to cause a huge argument at the end of dinner over who gets to pay? Think of this scenario: a person's parents live far away and when they come to visit, they're always together as a couple. How fucking realistic is it for a gentleman to be able to pay for at least four dinners for his mom and let his dad pay for four dinners every year until one of his parents drops dead? The subtext is "Let Dad Be a Dad" but if both parents always attend dinner together, that's nearly impossible without breaking rule #20. God I hate this article.

22. A gentleman does not sniff the cork but merely glances at it to see if the vintage is the same as on the bottle label.

People sniff corks? Okay... I did not know this. Why would anyone start sniffing a cork during a date? Doing that would cause a normal girl to think there's something wrong with you. :|

23. A gentleman never says more than three words about the quality of a wine served.

"That was wonderful wine." OH FUCK, FOUR WORDS! YOU RUDE SON OF A BITCH!

24. A gentleman should always quietly dispute an error on a check with the manager.

At least the writer had the decency to end this article with good advice, but god this article is stupid and a lot of the pictures for it were just as bad. Seriously, go look at the pictures. The one for cork sniffing made me want to keyboardpalm so hard that it would have destroyed this typing device if I lacked self control. Also, the guy for "a gentleman always dresses appropriately" looks unbelievably miserable because he has to wear that tux. What type of fucking gentleman causes people to be depressed just from looking at them? Why must these articles always have pictures where you can tell the people in these stupid scenarios are full of thick, hard stools? Goddamn... This article is so bad that it inspired me to create this blog. That's pretty bad.


V2? Here's a bit of explanation.

          Once upon a time, there was an awesome forum called Insomniac Flames. It was awesome...but it's been offline for around ten months. I had a thread on there as my "Personal Blog" which was named that to differentiate it from my Cat blog. Since then, my Twitter has basically replaced my Cat Blog but nothing ever replaced my Personal Blog...until now! Yes folks, the Personal Blog is back. Unlike my last one however, much of my ranting will not only relate to my pathetic life, but it'll have a ton of rants because I don't have IF's Love and Hate boards to post on. >_> Another thing I want to mention is that some of my blog entries will also be stuff I post on other forums. Thought I'd mention that before someone bitches about that fact. <_< For future reference, my blog is for medium to lengthy entries where as my Twitter is just for random bullshit and facts that comes to my mind. If anyone has any suggestions for a better blog title than "W.A.C.'s Personal Blog V2," feel free to give me suggestions.