Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Today can go fuck itself and the RTA bus system can burn in hell.

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          Well, my day started off badly. I went to bed sometime between 8-9 PM and ended up waking up around 3:20 and not being able to fall back asleep. Since I woke up so early, I ended up getting hungry again before getting on the bus but didn't have time to eat. By the time I got on, I was really damn hungry but they have a no eating or drinking rule (I.E. I can't even sip fucking water). Well, the first bus I was on had low seats so I couldn't sneak myself something to eat. When I got on the second bus, I sat at the way back and began to eat my sandwich shortly after the bus began running. That turned out to be a terrible move. A bus driver driving a different bus who is a total jackass noticed me eating a sandwich and gave me a stare so nasty that he acted like I had just flipped him off or something. He then immediately informed the other bus driver and on the next stop, the guy driving the bus I was on walked up to me and chewed me out. While he had the right to be annoyed (they could lose their job by not enforcing that stupid rule), I'm extremely pissed off at the guy who was driving the other bus. I can't believe anyone would give someone such a nasty stare for eating a fucking sandwich. I was starving and thought I wouldn't have time to eat it before my counseling appointment (I got the time mixed up by ten minutes again ._.). There was one time in my first semester of college where a person had to dump their drink because of the rule and the bus driver was apologetic because he had to enforce it. Bus drivers like that have my respect because they aren't asses about it.

          Unfortunately, my counseling appointment was my last one since I'm won't be going back to Cal Poly next term. I also attended an appointment at career services which was my first...and last appointment there. I ended up talking to both of them about how I'm looking into Computer Science as a major but that because of the math requirements, I'm likely to be stuck there for a really long time. Even though I originally started Algebra 1 in 8th grade, the high school I went to didn't offer Geometry or Algebra 2 so I ended up having to take that subject one semester (worst math teacher I ever had) and now I have to take Geometry next semester before I can move onto anything else. With all the math classes I would need to take for my major, I might end up having to spend AN ADDITIONAL TWO AND A HALF FUCKING YEARS AT HANCOCK BECAUSE THE MATH CLASSES HAVE TO BE DONE AT A SPECIFIC FUCKING ORDER AND THE FUCKING SEMESTER SYSTEM MAKES IT TAKE A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF TIME! I am so devastated over this that I'm honestly wondering if I should consider dropping out because I don't think I have enough sanity to stand being stuck at community college that long. When it comes to alternative majors, I am absolutely clueless. I would really like to be in the gaming industry and it doesn't seem like there's a lot of specific majors that could help me get a job in it. I worked so hard to graduate last Spring and to get into Cal Poly only for this to happen. I don't know what else to do, but I certainly know this situation is eating me up inside.

          I was really hoping that Cal Poly would've been successful for me and that I would be done in 2013. Instead, I won't even be done with my community college education by then. I was hoping to begin living in a dorm next term which would have been really damn nice since I really hate living at home. I'm sick and tired of dealing with my mom's bullshit regarding her lack of stability with her sobriety and I just don't think it's healthy for me to still be living at home for both my sake and my parents. At the same time, if I was able to get some job that was decent enough for me to live off of, I would probably be very busy with work, my education would probably suffer terribly any semester that wasn't a light load, and most likely live at a shitty apartment in a shitty town like Santa Maria. There's no way in fucking hell I would want to have to commute with RTA's buses frequently if I was living on my own. Quite honestly, after the events from today, I hate the fact I have to ever ride those buses again and wished I could avoid it entirely.

          While my situation on the way to school was bad, the way back turned out to be significantly worse. I caught SLO Transit's route 6B bus at 4:02 (WHICH IS ALWAYS ON TIME BTW BECAUSE SLO TRANSIT HAS THEIR SHIT TOGETHER!) and got off at about 4:17 I think, possibly earlier. I caught the 10SB bus a few minutes before it was supposed to leave at 4:33. It ended up not leaving until around 16 minutes after that because route 9 was late and had a transfer from a person in a wheelchair. The bus was supposed to arrive in the outlets at 5 but yet it didn't even leave SLO until 5:08. By the time it arrived, it was record-breakingly late. (I know it's not a word. STFU. >_>) Now I usually catch a car ride home but since my dad is on his boat and my mom has been irresponsible when it comes to keeping up to date with her driver's license and car sticker, she couldn't pick me up that day. By the time the bus arrived to ampm, it was about 5:32 making it over 25 minutes late. Since one bus stop was discontinued, I could have had it drop me off at a location that would have caused me to do less walking toward my home. However, she claimed the route 21 bus would arrive in about 10 minutes but I told her I thought it was supposed to arrive around 5:21. However, she was extremely confident that she was right and since it was her job, I took her word for it even though I had a bad feeling about it. The route 24 came by like 7 minutes later and the route 23 came about 17 minutes later so clearly SHE WAS FUCKING WRONG!

          While waiting, I was utterly pissed off and so, so cold. I ended up ranting to some guy about how much I hate RTA while I waited for some bus to pick me up. Ended up catching the route 23 bus since I had waited out there for 17 minutes and was sick of freezing my ass off. Had I ignored the dumb lady's advice and walked home, I probably would have been home like half an hour earlier than when I finally arrived home at 6:20. So, get this. I first caught a bus at 4:02 and wasn't able to get home until 6:20. The time it takes to drive to Cal Poly from my house is like 25 fucking minutes. So to make matters worse, I began to become really hungry around 4:40 and couldn't eat my sandwich because of their retarded rule. Why do they have such a strict no eating rule? Probably because their buses are super filthy and they don't want to clean them so a lot of people like me has to suffer. The people in charge of RTA are total dipshits and the whole bus system is so poorly run. I have hated RTA for years and have been appalled at all the times when buses broke down or other instances where a bus was unbelievably late, but today was definitely my worst experience with them. I never want to ride with them again but I have no choice if I want to continue my education since Cal Poly didn't work out at all.

          While it's possible I over-exaggerated about the look that one bus driver made (he looked pretty pissed off) and that I'm likely being too much of a whiny bitch about my bad bus experience today, the shittiness of my circumstances with my education cannot be understated. I don't know what to do about my situation and it enrages me how much I fucked up. I honestly didn't even realize how important my major was to my education until I arrived there and I feel pretty goddamn stupid about that. I wanted to be done with community college so badly within three years that I somehow got into this mess. Didn't help that I once had to drop an entire semester due to medical issues. That caused me to feel more rushed and I didn't realize changing my major at Cal Poly could be impossible. This is one of the most consequential fuckups I've ever done and I'm certainly paying the price. Let's see, if I ended up not being done with Hancock until 2014, I would be 25 and possibly finish my university education at 27. Fuck my life.

Fun Fact: If you include this sentence, I said fuck 13 times in this entry and it was a lot more until I did some clean up on the vulgarity. :o

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