Thursday, January 6, 2011

My top ten most listened to artists in 2010 for overall song plays.

1. King Crimson (981 plays)
2. Black Sabbath (848 plays)
3. Neil Young (742 plays)
4. Queen (531 plays)
5. Yes (496 plays)
6. Gorillaz (452 plays)
7. Reverend Bizarre (442 plays)
8. Jethro Tull (399 plays)
9. Arthur Brown (307 plays)
10. The Velvet Underground (300 plays)

Unfortunately, most of these bands have either disbanded, they're lacking people who were key members in past lineups, they barely tour at all, or they're way, way past their prime and now play a lot of music at shows that I flat out don't care for.

1. King Crimson won't tour for a while but they have had many drastic lineup changes over the years with my two favorite lineups having no chance of ever getting back together. They rarely ever play their pre-'80s stuff except for 4 songs. :(
2. Dio died last year, Tony Martin is almost guaranteed to never rejoin Black Sabbath, and Ozzy made it very clear that he has no interest in touring.
3. Neil Young tours regularly but his concerts cost a fortunate. I think my aunt said she paid $200 to see him live earlier this year.
4. Queen plans to announce some live plans but without Freddie Mercury, it isn't the same.
5. Yes no longer has their original vocalist who has played on almost all of their albums plus their original drummer Bill Ward who's my favorite drummer ever is no longer in the band. He was also in King Crimson for a long time. ^_^
6. Gorillaz is no where near as good live as they are in the studio and I don't care for a lot of their songs.
7. Reverend Bizzare is dead and released their final album as "So Long Suckers" for a reason. >_>
8. Jethro Tull is the only band on this list to have not lost one of their two most important members from any era of their band and they tour often. However, none of their concerts are anywhere close to here. <_<
9. Arthur Brown still does some live stuff but he's no longer with his best lineups plus I don't think he tours in America anymore.
10. The Velvet Underground died in the early '70s and is never coming back unless a miracle happens.

Well, that was depressing. >_>



  1. He's in 11th place. I only got 250 plays for him in 2010 but on January 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, I got a total of 110 plays for him. If this list included his plays from 2011 so far, he would have been in 9th place with a total of 360 plays. I've also gotten 127 plays for King Crimson so far this year so adding that would have given that band a whopping 1,108 plays which would have ranked them much higher than all the other bands, especially considering how I currently only have 20 plays for Black Sabbath this month.