Saturday, February 11, 2012

Facebook parenting gone terribly wrong.

For those who don't know, this video that was uploaded three days ago by a pissed off parent already has over fourteen million views. A lot of people feel this was some great revenge video that (SPOILERS!) ends with him shooting his daughter's laptop all because she bitched about her parents on Facebook WHILE USING VULGARITY! GASP! Considering how he worked on his daughter's computer the previous day and made it clear she set her privacy settings to where her parents weren't supposed to see it, he was only able to read that Facebook post by going on her account which I consider a violation of her privacy. If he respected her privacy, this video wouldn't even exist. For parents who think this is a great revenge story about unappreciative kids, maybe this will influence some parents to have less respect for the privacy of their kid(s). Since the guy seemed like a redneck, perhaps he's preaching to the right crowd about having less respect for privacy in the name of revenge.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that teenagers bitch about their parents all the fucking time, especially on the internet. While I haven't complained about my parents much on Facebook except for my mom's alcoholism (she's often a nightmare when she's drunk), I complained about my parents a lot on forums when I was a teenager. Yes, his daughter is disrespectful, but at least she had her privacy settings set to high to where only her friends could see it. To some parents, the idea of their kids bitching about them online just angers them beyond belief even if only their friends can see it. While I never plan to have kids, hypothetically, if I did have kids, I wouldn't give a rat's ass if they bitched about me online because I did the same fucking thing. If that parent had access to internet when he was a teenager, he probably would have done the same damn thing as well because I'll be damned if he didn't used to bitch about his parents to his friends. That's not to say I wouldn't feel hurt by the statements his daughter wrote, but it's nowhere near as big of an issue as he makes it out to be. It's not like she made a YouTube video with the purpose of humiliating and insulting her parents that ended up going viral for millions to see. Now that would be a jackass move.

When it came to how he punished her besides the worldwide humiliation aspect, he chose to do so by deciding to make her life harder AND destroying her laptop. While the former is an understandable punishment, the latter goes too far. Instead of destroying that laptop, how about doing something less destructive but still gets the point across. It sends a point that destruction is a valid way to punish a kid WHICH SENDS A REALLY FUCKED UP MESSAGE ESPECIALLY SINCE THIS VIDEO WENT RIDICULOUSLY VIRAL! Even my dad, who has some serious anger issues, taught me destroying things out of anger was totally unacceptable and I realized that from a young age. I once had a friend who's dad used to destroy his games and video game systems when the kid fucked up, and that kid did not have a positive view of his father at all. Kids and teenagers are fucking stupid. They make dumb mistakes; that's normal. From how the father reacted, this sounds like this is the worst thing his kid has ever done. OH NO, MY SPOILED ROTTEN DAUGHTER WHO I SPOILED ROTTEN LACKS RESPECT FOR HER PARENTS! BOO! HOO! HOO! He has all the right to be pissed, but he took this way over the top. He should re-evaluate his parenting skills and try to figure out why his daughter is so disrespectful. Hell, if my parents were violating my privacy, my respect for them would definitely drop a ton. This video somehow made me more sympathetic to his disrespectful, spoiled rotten daughter than the guy who clearly isn't getting enough respect at home...and maybe for some valid reasons.

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