Friday, June 22, 2012

One of my neighbor's wonderful now dead. R.I.P. Smokey! :(

Oh my god, I just found out my neighbor's cat Smokey died. My idiot neighbor who owned her didn't fix his cats at all and she ended up having a ridiculous amount of kittens which probably killed her. The stupid fucker thinks she just "got old". I doubt she was even three years old and now that cat is fucking dead because that irresponsible asshat didn't take good care of his cats. He probably has over fifteen cats now and I doubt any of them have gotten their shots.

My neighbor's cat Boots (who I adore) is now thin as hell but to my neighbor, Boots is just "getting old". My parents recently started feeding him because we're so damn concerned about the poor cat and Boots is already starting to look better. We're terribly concerned Boots might have feline leukemia and for all we know, Smokey might have died from feline leukemia as well. Fucking hate irresponsible pet owners. Fix your goddamn cats and make sure they get their damn shots. I'm heartbroken that Smokey is dead. R.I.P. Smokey. In memory of her, here's some photos.

A rare photo of Smokey and Nahla together. Both cats were Russian Blues and neither liked each other. Nahla was to the left and Smokey was the cat to the right. This photo was taken in January 2011.

A photo of Smokey pregnant with her first litter alongside Boots. This was taken March 2011.

Taken sometime after giving birth to some wonderful kittens back in May 2011.

Both photos were taken after Smokey had her second litter back in October 2011. Poor cat.

One of the last photos I ever took of her. I took this picture in November 2011. What a beautiful cat she was...


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