Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Future Plans

This message was made for both my blog and my Facebook account.

          I made an important decision last night that will have a major impact to my academic future. I'm taking a year off from school. I've been going to college for almost five years now and I need a break from the stress of school for the sake of my sanity. I've been dealing with massive depression issues for over a year and half and my education has been a major factor in that. Not to worry you guys, but suicidal urges are nearly a daily struggle for me. It terrifies me and needs to be dealt with. I feel bad whenever I mention stuff like that on Facebook but honesty and openness helps me a lot in tackling problems.

          While this decision will delay my plans of going to a university, I feel it's the best decision I made in a long time. My parents are being very support (I love them so much) and a break from school should make me a happier person that's less suicidal. Also hopeful this year off will make me a better student once I go back to school. I've been on burn out for over two years now and I used to be a much better student three years ago. I'd love to be as dedicated to my education as I used to be...

          In the mean time, I'm continuing two of my classes but I'm dropping Art 104. While I put good effort in Design 1 and Basic Photography, I slacked off with my art history class and felt I would fail today's test. By dropping this class, it allows me to focus more on my other classes and my Rayman review. For those wondering what I would be doing for over a year if I'm not in school, I plan to work hard on my review series and treat it like a full time job. If finances get too rough, I would definitely look into getting a normal job. I hope you all understand why I made this very difficult decision and thank you for taking the time to read this message. I really appreciate it.

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