Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My top ten most listened to artists in 2012 for overall song plays...wait, it almost 2014.

I meant to make this post in early January and forgot.

1. Lily Allen (1,229 plays)
2. Genesis (1,130 plays)
3. Naofumi Hataya (449 plays)
4. Rémi Gazel & VA (448 plays)
5. Gotye (404 plays)
6. Masafumi Ogata (319 plays)
7. Richard Jacques (288 plays)
8. Jun Senoue (258 plays)
9. Secret Chiefs 3 (230 plays)
10. Daft Punk (214 plays)

Quite honestly, I didn't care to write about it so I forgot to make this post. But it's less than six hours before the new year so I might as well post it now. Just looking over this list, it's clear I listened to a lot of video game music that year. Only reason I have so many plays for Rémi Gazel & VA is because of an hour long soundtrack to Rayman 1 that has 73 tracks. >_> I also listened to a lot of Lily Allen and Genesis.

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