Monday, March 7, 2011


          I really don't understand the appeal of alcohol. Some person told me the other day that it's because I've never given it a try. While the lack of experience of trying it definitely affects my view of alcohol, there's three major reasons why I flat out don't want to drink with the most major reason probably being bad experiences with my mom's alcoholism. Thankfully, while she has been sober for I think around four months, my dealings with her alcoholism in '09 and '10 was a heartbreaking, depressing nightmare. I was looking at some of my chatlogs the one day and was amazed that I once told snake that she made me want to punch her in the face. I know I've said this a million times but when she's sober, she's a wonderful, dedicated, loving person who's a joy to be around. But when she's drinking, she's a horrible, selfish, mean bitch. Anyways, enough of that. Most of you have heard enough rantings about what alcohol does to my mother.

          Another major reason I lack interest in booze is the idea of lacking control of my actions. I went to a bar recently as part of _________'s birthday and sadly, the bar was nothing like what I used to see on Cheers. >_> The people at that place were some of the loudest people I've ever been near. I absolutely hate the way a lot of people act like when they're drunk and generally hate the idea of being around people in that state. 5/20/2011 Update: I decided to take out most of this paragraph out due to various reasons.

          As for the third reason, the concept of not being able to remember events that occurred the night before scares the fucking shit out of me. I have a great memory of my life to where I can think of a lot of moments from when I was five years old. My memory of my childhood in general is excellent and it amazes me how so many people lack memories of their early grade school years. In all honesty, since I'm a very curious person, the idea of getting drunk once in my life doesn't sound like a horrible idea...except the fact there's a risk of not being able to remember much of what happened which ruins the purpose of trying something once. If I got shitfaced drunk to where couldn't remember my night at all, my main memories of getting drunk would be a hangover. Fucking lame. :/ That's not to say I'm stupid enough to think getting drunk automatically = won't remember a fucking thing, but the idea of lacking a memory of a recent event really bothers me.

          Those who are reading this are most likely surprised to see a new blog entry from me. My blog was originally going to be updated regularly but creating a Facebook killed my original plans for it. Despite my neglect toward this blog, I'm glad I made both a Facebook and a blog. I originally intended Twitter to be my place to bitch about things that could fit in a 140 character limit and my blog to be where I talk about stuff that could never fit in that ridiculously small limit. So, whether you guys like it or not, I'm going to start using my blog more often but with a different approach. It'll have a much smaller emphasis on funny, angry rants and be mostly about serious stuff along with things that have been on my mind a lot lately. The name WACHROO is a keeper though.


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