Friday, May 20, 2011

Alcohol Part 2

          Remember my first entry about alcohol? I changed my mind. I want to try alcohol now. >_> As for the lack of blog updates, there's like three unfinished blog entries I made that are in draft form that may never be released.



  1. hey duder, publish the unfinished blog entries please! :)

  2. With the exceptions of ones that are like, one or two sentences, there's only two. One is really irrelevant to finish now because of certain things that happened since I began working on it on March 7th. One entry actually had like four paragraphs and a sentence for a fifth paragraph. Some of it is irrelevant now but I guess I could touch it up. However, my head space is a bit different so it would be difficult to really complete it. I might just upload it unfinished. Another one was an entry about how some day went and well, I never got to write about the interesting part of my day. >_> The third entry I referred to ended up being a post I made on a forum because I couldn't embed some quiz I took.