Thursday, March 10, 2011

Candlemass in the Gym = Epic Reaction

Note: This was originally put on my Facebook yesterday but since not everyone who looks at my blog uses Facebook, I'm putting it here as well.

Before I write about what happened, I want to give some backstory. The station played most of the time when I'm working out in the gym is the god awful The Beat. It plays the same exact shit everyday in such an extreme form that it replays many of the same songs every 60-90 minutes. To make matters worse, The Beat plays nothing but terrible pop and hip-hop songs. It's such a horrible radio station that it's practically unreal it exists.The person in charge of watching over the gym from 2:30 to 3:30 is Sal who hates a lot of the stuff that gets played but he likes giving students the freedom to play they want regardless of how much he hates the music. He pretty much encouraged me to bring whatever the hell I want so today, I did just that. The reactions to my Candlemass CD was priceless. Two minutes into Epicus Doomicus Metallicus, the music went completely silent because somebody turned it off. Since Sal is awesome, he thought that was an absolute bullshit moveo n some person's part and the album got started over. ^_^

When I went to put the CD back into the player (which someone took out shoddily), some person asked me "What is this?" and my response was "It's Candlemass's awesome debut album." During the first song, some really strong guy went up to me to say, "Does this music make you all depressed? It's all about death and misery." My response was that I think the lyrics are hilarious because every song is so over the top and that I absolutely loved the album. Then he asked if the CD could be taken out in 20 minutes. <_< I pointed out how nearly all of the music that gets played in the gym is music that I can barely tolerate but yet I hear the same songs everytime I go to the gym because it's always playing The Beat. Then he was all, "30 minutes?"  My answer was that my favorite song on the album is the closer and that the album was around 42 minutes long. This caused him to be all, "w/e okay" and later on, he stated that he thought the riffs had a very depressing tone.

During the third song which was Crystal Ball, someone apparently couldn't stand it anymore and switched it to the radio. >_> No idea who did it other than that it was someone from the football team. I was originally going to never bring the CD back, but since the second side was never even started, I'm bring it back on Monday and starting it on side 2. Once again, Sal pretty much encouraged me to do that. <_< He said he kinda liked the music and I know he likes "head banging music" so he's probably relieved at the idea of not having to hear nothing but complete shit on his Monday visit to the gym. I think it's hilarious how a lot of these really strong, totally pumped guys are really bothered by doom metal but enjoy listening to complete fucking shit. Most of these songs practically all sound the same, have no originality, and some of these football players sing the lyrics to these terrible tracks. "OH DONNA! OH DONNA! OH DONNA! OH DONNA!" "BUT YOU WON'T DO THE SAME!" "I WANT TO SEE YOU TONIGHT!" I hate The Beat so much and I'm looking forward to the reactions on Monday to Candlemass's second half.


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