Sunday, November 21, 2010

My Fall 2010 semester has been a mixed bag.

Mondays and Wednesdays:
Intro to Physical Anthropology (9:30 - 10:50 AM)

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
First Half of Western Civilizations (9:30 - 10:50 AM)
Nutrition Science (11:00 - 12:20 PM)
Intro to International Relations (12:45 - 2:05 PM)

          This was my original schedule for my 17 weeks, Fall semester. Yes, 17 weeks. My college sadly doesn't do a quarter system. While three of these were classes I needed to take, Nutrition Science was a elective because I wanted a class to fill the spot between Western Civilizations and International Relations. Since it was a nutrition class, I assumed it was easy. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. 12 tests in the semester plus whenever I did college homework, this unimportant class took up half of my time. @_@ The class was a nightmare but yet I was dumb enough to stick with it for almost half of the semester. Because of this one class, it was hurting me badly in all my other classes. To make matters worse, I was doing badly on the tests. Sticking with the class for so long was a horrible move on my part. >_<

          My Physical Anthropology class is very interesting mostly because the teacher is really funny. However, it's a difficult class. For the first test, the average grade students got was a 42/100. I got a 51%. :( When I arrived to class on the day, he announced how horribly we all did with "WTF?" written in big letters on the whiteboard and was ticked at our poor performance even though the first test is supposed to be the hardest in the entire course. >_> He ended up give us a redo test and I got a 90% on it. :D It was a far easier test though. On the second test, I sadly got a 64% but the class average was 61%. <_< Currently, I have about a 78% in the class but I plan to do some zoo assignment that could bump up my grade much as 5%. It'll cost me a lot in gas though. :/ FYI, there's three tests which make up 75% of my grades and five quizzes which make up the other 25%.

          My Western Civilizations class is the most boring class I have ever taken in my life. The teacher's power points are terrible because it's usually just pictures and there's rarely any bullets of information. Now, this would be okay if he gave interesting lectures but it's the complete opposite. My teacher sounds more like a machine than a human to where his voice's monotonous voice makes Ben Stein sound like Barack Obama. He also does nearly every lecture in a dark room. >_< There was one day where the teacher couldn't get some video to work that was about Christianity and a student joked, "Maybe this is a sign that God doesn't want us to watch the video." The teacher thought about delaying the video to another day but was thinking against that idea because of a lack of time in the semester. Then I said, "You could always just skip a chapter" and he replied, "You guys are horrible." Since the video didn't work, he decided to just talk about the history of Christianity and oh my fucking god he was boring. I tried really hard to stay awake but after like twenty minutes of lectures, I could barely focus anymore. While he was talking, he often said things that had nothing to do with Christianity like when he talked about Amish suspenders. Yes folks, he talked about Amish suspenders. At one point, he talked about how some of the Amish feel wearing two suspenders was too prideful so some of them only wore one while more extreme Amish felt wearing any suspenders at all was too prideful. Shortly after he told us these useless facts that weren't helpful at all for his future tests, the person sitting behind me started snoring and I burst into laughter. >_> I'm usually extremely nice to teachers but holy shit, when he says things like "now don't get too excited" three times in a lecture about uninteresting things, I think he gets pleasure out of boring students. One fact I found out from a previous teacher I've had is that my Western Civilizations teacher uses his position at the college as a cash cow. He's probably the highest paid teacher at the school because he teaches so many classes and is in so many positions but yet he sucks at making learning an interesting process. Worst of all, he's the only teacher on campus who teaches that class. Sucks... :/

          My Intro to International Relations class is awesome. The teacher gives excellent lectures, she has all of the power points online in printable form for note taking, a lot of the students have very interesting opinions about a lot of political issues, and it's just a really great class. The teacher has a great sense of humor and while she does like teaching students (especially me >_>), she doesn't do it in a mean way and some of the students do it to her which she's totally okay with. There was one day I was at her office and she was looking up to see if there was any way I could get government healthcare after I turned 21. At one point, she found results for blind people and said "Now if we can just make you blind, you can get free healthcare!" After she said that, I reached for a couple of pencils from my binder as a joke. <_< Easily one of my favorite teachers from any college semester.


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