Sunday, November 21, 2010

V2? Here's a bit of explanation.

          Once upon a time, there was an awesome forum called Insomniac Flames. It was awesome...but it's been offline for around ten months. I had a thread on there as my "Personal Blog" which was named that to differentiate it from my Cat blog. Since then, my Twitter has basically replaced my Cat Blog but nothing ever replaced my Personal Blog...until now! Yes folks, the Personal Blog is back. Unlike my last one however, much of my ranting will not only relate to my pathetic life, but it'll have a ton of rants because I don't have IF's Love and Hate boards to post on. >_> Another thing I want to mention is that some of my blog entries will also be stuff I post on other forums. Thought I'd mention that before someone bitches about that fact. <_< For future reference, my blog is for medium to lengthy entries where as my Twitter is just for random bullshit and facts that comes to my mind. If anyone has any suggestions for a better blog title than "W.A.C.'s Personal Blog V2," feel free to give me suggestions.


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