Friday, November 26, 2010

My first Black Friday...was a mixed experience.

          On the night before Black Friday, my dad and I went to Walmart to buy a few things and noticed some of the great Black Friday sales. While there, I noticed the God of War Collection was only $10 and my dad noticed they were selling 500GB external hard-drives for $40. My computer seriously needs to be entirely reformatted because it has become an unstable piece of shit that blue-screens all the time but neither my dad or I own an external hard-drive so that makes the situation difficult. Since my dad really, really wants one and I only need one for while I'm reformatting my computer, we decided he was going to get one but have me use it until my computer was all fixed up. Once I got home from Walmart, I looked up some Black Friday stuff online and found out Best Buy was going to sell a 2TB external hard drive for $90. Foolishly, I convinced my dad to go to Best Buy at 5AM and holy fucking shit! I knew there was going to be a line but omfg... I was standing out in the freezing cold for 45+ minutes totally regretting my decision of having my dad drive me to another town just to go to Best Buy. Once my dad and I was finished standing in the line (he was in the car for most of the time I was in line because he was sick), the first person who was in line just got out of the store with a fuckload of items. o_O Once my dad and I finally got inside, it turned out only two external hard-drives were on sale: a 1TB portable one and a 2TB non-portable external hard-drive. Considering how my dad wanted a completely portable one, the ones at Walmart were $40 for 500GB portable hard-drives, and the line was a long, slow moving line, we left the store completely empty handed and I felt like a total fuck-up. >_<

          After leaving Best Buy, him and I went straight to the nearest Walmart and got two external hard-drives. Since he has been bugging me forever to get an external hard-drive and knew I was never getting one, he said one of the external hard-drives was a gift. :D Unlike Best Buy, Walmart has a fuckload of checkouts, they were open 24 hours, and there were absolutely no lines to get in the store. While at this specific Walmart, they were out of GoW Collection game copies. :( I had my dad drive to see if Costco was open for Black Friday so I could at least get Donkey Kong Country Returns for $44 but they weren't open yet. I was originally going to get it the other day, but decided against it because I wasn't sure if the buy two games, get one free sales took place yet but later found out I was too late. On the way back to my town, I was totally upset at myself for both not getting DKCR that one day and for wasting my time at Best Buy because it caused me to miss out on the GoW Collection for $10. Since my dad planned on leaving for a week and I have a personal policy of not buying something pricey unless it's the best possible deal I can get in a situation, there was no way I could force myself to pay the full $50 on DKCR at a normal store. After tugging at my dad's sympathy chords, I somehow convinced him to pay for $6 of DKCR and I paid the rest. ^_^ My dad was really generous this morning and I'M NEVER, EVER GOING TO BEST BUY ON BLACK FRIDAY AGAIN! However, I'm definitely going to check out Walmart every Thanksgiving night to see what are their deals for future Black Fridays. Btw, I've busier than usual lately so that's why there has been a lack of blog entries. Expect another one soon about my town's flawed public transportation and I plan to make some huge changes for my public bathrooms blog entry since there's so much I absolutely fucking hate about those places. Also, guests are allowed to make comments so feel free to make some if you lack an account. Even though I got quite a bit of responses through IMs and the Insomniac Flames Chat, comments encourage me to make entries more often. ;)


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