Sunday, November 21, 2010

I hate public bathrooms so much.

          I swear, the people who design public bathrooms are either perverts, gay, or a combination of both. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO DESIGN A STALL WHERE THERE ISN'T A HUGE FUCKING GAP ON THE SIDES OF THE DOORS? It's really fucking frustrating because I'm a privacy freak and don't want others to see between the cracks of the stalls I use. >_< NO-ONE BUT I SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE MY BUTT WHEN I TAKE A PISS! Also, let's talk about paper towel dispensers.

          These are awesome. You can get a lot of paper towels really fast, they're well built, and just an overall nice product. My college campus used to have these in nearly every men's room which was awesome until...

          The college replaced most of them with these fucking things. They're an absolute pain in the ass. If one of them was just filled with a new paper towel roll, it takes forever to get a decent amount of paper towels to dry my hands. They're absolutely horrid. I've come to the conclusion the college installed these to reduce paper towel consumption but tries to hide that fact with its sleeker, but far less effective design.

*pretend an image is here*

          Unfortunately, I can't find any images of this specific type but it's designed where there's a shitty lever and a button. After pulling the lever twice, a very little amount of paper towels come out. To get more, you need to press the button again. I fucking hate these things but at least some of the ones at my college have the button permanently jammed in. Whoever did that to these awful dispensers is awesome. ^_^ They also look tacky but I commend the designers for at least making it obvious that their purpose is to make students use less paper towels. For the one I showed in the second image, I originally thought those seemed a lot nicer than the older ones until I realized they fucking suck. With this one however, you immediately know they're fucking horrible and aren't deceived into thinking you're about to get a good hand drying experience.

          As for my final bitching about public bathrooms, I'm just going to say this: PRIORITIZE YOUR BOWELS OVER YOUR FUCKING CELLPHONE CALLS! Every single fucking time someone is taking a shit but gets a cellphone call, they always answer their phone. Why? If I get a phone call or text message when I use a public bathroom, I always finish my business (usually without rushing) and wash my hands before I handle my phone. Doing otherwise would be fucking disgusting. If it's an extremely important call, maybe, just maybe I can understand but for just casual chat? Ugh. Admittedly, there was one funny day where either some guy's girlfriend or mom called him for the sole purpose of doing a bunch of complaining. After his phone called ended, he said "Nag, nag, nag. Bitch, bitch, bitch." and then proceeded to wipe his ass. >_> Oh god. I just remembered there was one day when my dad once quickly wiped his ass and ran to the phone just because the phone was ringing and he was expecting an important call. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME ANYONE CLEANED IT? Ewww... Brb, gotta clean my phone. @_@


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